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Residents can expect a lot from Lockwood Companies.  First and foremost, a commitment to providing prompt service, including a policy of not more than a 24-hour response time for service work inside the apartment, is something we take very seriously. We also make it our priority at the communities to be a one-stop referral source for community support services and agencies. 

Our pledge to provide courteous service to our residents includes a prominently displayed plaque on the wall, providing the telephone number to the Corporate Office.  Lockwood Management ensures consistency in all management facets. Standardized filing systems and procedure manuals are at the fingertips of on-site management staff and will make all interactions seamless and smooth. We provide real time data available to look up accounts and provide information to our residents as quickly as possible, as well.

Last but not least, Lockwood residents can always expect to be welcomed with a smile and warm greeting when they visit the office.  We are here to ensure a positive experience from the inside out with our residents always top of mind.

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Call us today with any questions you may have, or visit our resident portal below.

*Your community office will supply you with a community ID if you don't have one. Please contact your community office if you believe your balance is not accurate. ** Notice of payment terms: Electronic payments not received by the due date are subject to all fees under the terms of the Lease Agreement. Partial payments may not be accepted.

Renters Insurance

Did you know that 92% of losses covered by renters insurance related to liability, theft, fire, and more are less than $7,000 per incident? This leaves clients and property owners vulnerable to a significant gap in their property insurance coverage. At LS Property Management, we believe it is vital to require all renters to maintain some standard renters insurance policy. With our preferred provider, RealPage, LS Property Management can lower risk even further by maximizing the number of renters enrolled using an integrated enrollment service as well as a policy plan tracking database inside our management software platform. By maintaining all active policies in a centralized database, we can more effectively manage expiring policies at a time of lease renewal and mitigate the number of renters with a lapse in coverage.